Rapidly advancing technology has allowed people unprecedented access and transparency to many facets of life.
Why not apply this logic to your company? Our cloud-based software quickly allows both remote and office employees to easily communicate with their supervisors from anywhere. In addition, employees have unlimited access to all of their personal work information, including the hours they worked and actions performed.


Don't settle for traditional software installed on local machines that's only available when you are directly at that workstation. With today's technology, a cloud service allows for access to all of your information from any Internet connected device in the world.


There may be instances when conflicts arise regarding when your employees were on a job site, or how much time they've worked. With GPS-enabled time tracking, you have accurate reports indicating how long each employee is at a job site and the route that they took to get there.


View all of your employees in real-time on one screen.  With the click of a button you will know where ALL of your employees are and watch them travel to their next destination...all in real-time.