6 Hassle Free Ways to Cut Costs at a Jobsite

August 29th, 2014

The contracting industry can be very costly. There are a number of factors at stake and in motion at the same time.

Being able to alleviate these costs is key to maintaining a great reputation and keeping your budget intact. When you have multiple jobsites to monitor, you can develop simple ways to improve your business and cut costs.

Here are a few tips:

Streamline Processes

Implementing systems that take the guesswork out of running the jobsite efficiently will cut costs. This means alleviating paper time sheets, creating systems that will embrace technology and speed up processes.


Use the employees you have to do the jobs you need done. This alleviates the need for hiring new employees which is an additional cost, and will open doors for employees to get promoted.

Utilize Time Wisely

Having project managers monitor how time is spent by each employee will allow them to switch employees around and place them where they are most productive. This will cut costs in time and increase productivity.

Use Technology

Using technology can only help your company. Technology will allow you to have live conference calls, canceling out the need to drive back and forth to the office. This allows you the flexibility of accessing documents and blueprints, or sending emails with pertinent information, and provides an option of having an “office” outside of the office that will run just as well as the home base.

Offer Incentives

Offering incentives over a few months can increase the productivity of your staff ten-fold for a swift boost to your bottom line.

On-site Certifications

One of the best ways you can encourage employee loyalty while keeping them on the cutting edge is to offer workshops on-site that will help them acquire new certifications.

These are just a few ways you can cut costs on a jobsite that will be well worth the time and effort. Employees recognize when employers take the time to provide a great work space for them while maintaining the brand and image of the company.

Understanding that the intricacies of the construction industry are just as important as any other business model is key in maintaining costs.