3 Ways to Implement Mobile Technologies at a Jobsite

November 21, 2014

Appropriate utilization of mobile technologies at your job site allows you to step into the information age in style.

Mobile technologies take outdated, manual processes and transform them into streamlined programs that do the work for you. You can use the technologies to manage projects, oversee employees and communicate quickly and efficiently with others.

Replacing archaic practices with technologically advanced ones will likely save you time and money as a result.

Time Tracking

Although you might be used to filling out time-consuming Gantt charts by hand at the beginning of each job, it’s just not necessary anymore. If you’re loyal to that project schedule system, you can utilize software that does all of the calculations for you.

The software even calculates project completion predictions based on prior job outcomes. Time tracking software also offers alternatives to the Gantt chart to help you find the perfect project scheduling method. You can create full reports to share with associates or clients to showcase your team’s ability to stay ahead of schedule despite minor delays that crop up from time to time.


Mobile monitoring equipment and software gives you a practical way to successfully watch over the job site when you cannot leave the office. In addition, calculating and recording employee productively metrics by hand could take up a lot of time and energy. Use mobile technologies to complete this process for you to save yourself the hassle.

The software can even create charts to help employees self monitor and improve their metrics with little to no feedback from you. At the end of the day or job, pair the employee monitoring information with project management data to create a clear picture of the overall success of your team.


Throughout the workday, you might find yourself contacting material suppliers, equipment mechanics and business associates to keep the job on schedule. If you need to sit down at the computer for each of these interactions, you may never leave the office long enough to look over the jobsite in person.

By utilizing mobile technologies, you can instantly correspond with others without placing the rest of your job duties on the back burner. You can even instantly send repair requests to the appropriate mechanics to reduce downtime associated with necessary equipment maintenance or random part failures.

Key Takeaways

  • Mobile technologies save you time and money
  • Digital time tracking keeps your projects on schedule
  • Employee monitoring boosts productivity with minimal effort
  • Instant communication keeps operations running smoothly