4 Simple Ways Contractors Can Get Repeat Customers

November 19, 2014

Before the internet, people who needed a contractor would open the Yellow Pages and start dialing. But now, online review services make it much easier to get customer reviews on contractors and ignore the ones who don’t delight their customers.

To get business, contractors have to please their customers every time, because those bad online reviews can have huge and lasting consequences on your business.

The good news is that pleasing customers is surprisingly simple. Little things make a huge difference in customer satisfaction, your online ratings and your bottom line.

4 Ways to Get Repeat Customers

Answer the Phone

If you customers can’t talk to you, they can’t hire you. The fastest way to get clients is to answer the phone, be able to answers questions, and schedule estimates right away. If you must take a message, call back within the hour. The contractor who answers the phone gets the contract. 

Show Up – On Time, Every Time

Whether it’s your first estimate or you’re deep into a project, keep your appointment with your customer. If you’re detained for any reason, call right away and reschedule. Customers are busy too, and wasting time waiting for a contractor to show is maddening. Leaving someone hanging is rude.

Respect the Customer’s Home

No one likes to clean another person’s mess, especially when the mess-maker was getting paid big bucks to do a job. Even if the customer isn’t a fastidious housekeeper, they will appreciate your courtesy in respecting their home and cleaning up after yourself

If you’re working outside, cleaning up debris and hauling it away shows you’re conscientious. Be sure especially to clean up hazards like nails or broken glass. If you leave equipment behind, ask first for the best out-of-the-way location to store your stuff. 

Respect the Customer’s Time and Money

Being friendly is great. Treating customers like friends is not great. Maintain a professional distance. Sharing personal information, telling your life story, or expounding upon your religious or political ideals is a huge mistake. Customers are paying you to work, not to visit. Do the job as quickly as you can, and get to the next customer. Your customers will appreciate your efficiency, and you will maximize your income. 

Speaking of time, remember that not everyone is an early bird. Starting jobs at 7 a.m. may work for you, but being awakened that early can infuriate the neighbors. Many cities have noise ordinances that prohibit using power equipment until 9 a.m. Respect the quiet times. 

Your thoughtfulness will go far toward creating happy customers, great reviews, and growing business.