4 Tips Construction Company CEO’s Need to Streamline Labor Management

April 24, 2015

A lot of time and effort is spent on labor management, particularly in the construction industry when labor can be seasonal depending on location and is quite often transient.

In order to help limit the amount of time spent on this aspect, here are some tips to help increase productivity and limit the amount of supervisory involvement necessary on the job.

Detailed Upfront Planning

One of the major losses of labor productivity is waiting around. Some studies have shown that up to 50% of a workers time on the job can be spent waiting. Understanding in detail the construction process from beginning to end, and then having a detailed plan to execute that process, can help to limit management involvement during the process. Workers will be more effective as their roles are laid out before the project even starts and metrics can be devised based on the plan to determine how it is progressing.

Have a Comprehensive Jobsite Training Program

How much of your labor management time is spent showing someone how to do a job? This can be prevented by making sure that supervisors and crew have proper training on the job before it begins. This allows employees to be more productive as they do not have to seek guidance every time they need to switch tasks. It also helps supervisors be better at their job by letting them know exactly what is expected of their crew.

Use Technology to Take Detailed Metrics

We live in the age of big data. All sorts of businesses can leverage that data, including construction. If detailed metrics are set up during the planning phases, supervisors can be trained on how to write daily electronic reports that will help to monitor progress. This allows managers to diagnose problems with the project by looking at a graph at a desk instead of spending time on the jobsite digging and observing.

Open Lines of Communication

The worst thing that labor management can do is not clearly communicate with their crew. This is particularly important if union labor is being used. Clearly communicated goals and expectations within your construction company can go a long way to resolving problems before they start. This means less of management’s time is spent answering the same question over and over because the expectations are clearly stated at the start.


  • Detailed Planning
  • Comprehensive Training
  • Technology and metrics
  • Communications

Sticking to these four simple things can help streamline labor management processes on every worksite.