5 Ways to Make Your Construction Employees More Efficient

December 30, 2014

Keeping employees motivated and functioning at a high level is important for any business.

It can be even more crucial in the construction field when there are deadlines to meet and finishing late or producing below par work can cost a company thousands of dollars.

The following are five ways to motivate your employees and help them work more efficiently.

1. Hire Effective Managers

Efficiency starts at the top. Placing the best managers in the right positions is critical to high morale and a strong work ethic. Managers must not only be good leaders but good communicators. Companies need supervisors who can relate well to management as well as the hourly worker. This person should have a clear understanding of management policies and also have a background in skilled labor.

2. Set Clear Goals and Plan Effectively

Each step of every project needs to be clearly defined. Poorly defined goals on a construction site will result in confusion and inevitably a lack of productivity and efficiency. This step also includes identifying potential problems before they occur. This translates into confident employees who have a clear vision of what’s to be accomplished. Planning effectively could mean something as simple as ordering materials ahead of time and making sure they’re stored near the site so time isn’t wasted walking or driving back and forth.

3. Explain Performance Metrics

Employees want to know how they’re doing on the job. Make sure the workers know exactly what standards they’re measured by. Performance metrics don’t have to be complicated and there doesn’t need to be very many. Those related to safety, construction time & cost, and client satisfaction are a few that could be implemented.

4. Provide Opportunities for Advancement

The opportunity for promotion is a key ingredient in motivating employees to work more efficiently. Employees who believe if they work hard and improve their skills that they’ll be rewarded are more likely to stay with a company. The longer employees stay with a company the more likely they are to understand how the company operates and the best methods to achieve quality results.

5. Promote High Safety Standards

High accident rates can have a profound impact on worker efficiency. A slower pace will almost certainly result when workers are faced with unnecessary dangers. One of the key ingredients to a safe construction site is proper training. Also make sure to pay attention to potential problem areas. OASHA states that potential hazards for workers include scaffold collapses, trench collapses, electric shock, and failure to properly use personal protective equipment.

By making your employees more efficient you will be setting them up for greater success, and in return that will help you run a successful construction company.