6 Overlooked Safety Tips for Contractors

October 13, 2014

Working as a contractor is a job that is both rewarding and exhausting at the same time. One other thing it can be, if caution isn’t taken, is dangerous.

Luckily, a cautious contractor can avoid many of the more common injuries or accidents at the worksite. However, to do this he or she must be aware of all these dangers. Before you go out on your next job, make sure you are aware of these 6 overlooked safety tips for contractors—and stay safe!

1. Use Caution When Lifting

It can be easy to forget how heavy some equipment is when you get started moving things around on the job. Don’t go overboard with lifting. Always get some help or use special equipment to move items that are too difficult to handle by yourself.

2. Housekeeping is Important

One of the easiest ways you can prevent on-the-job accidents is by keeping the area clean. Every day, take some time to clean up any loose items, put away unused tools and sweep up. This can prevent slips and trips that wind up turning into emergency room visits.

3. Wear Eye Protection As Often As Necessary

There are so many jobs that can be made safer through the use of proper eye protection. Always use it when cutting, sawing, using chemicals or heat. Additionally, don’t forget sunglasses when necessary.

4. Never Work When Too Tired

The pressure to get the job done can be huge. However, don’t let that pressure cause you to work when you’re too tired. Additionally, don’t work when you’ve taken medication that makes you drowsy.

5. Call For Backup

Don’t try to do it all yourself. Call for help, use the buddy system or just never work on the job alone. It is always better to have too many helpers than not enough.

6. Jobsite Vehicles Require Additional Care

You may think of a forklift or other vehicle as being relatively safe. However, these are powerful pieces of equipment that should only be operated by those specifically trained to do so. This can prevent BIG problems from occurring.

While you may not be able to avoid every potential danger, most of them are straightforward. Keep the tips above in mind and ahead of everything else, keep your eyes open to the dangers that lurk on the jobsite. Just a little bit of extra care can make all the difference in protecting you, your crew and any subcontractors who work with you.