6 Ways For Contractors to Prevent Bad Reviews From Clients

August 6, 2014

One of the most important aspects of a business is having a good reputation. This can help you acquire new clients, and provides a good brand image.

In the world of contractors, it is very important to keep a positive outlook attached to your name. The industry can be very small, and with social media at the forefront, getting a bad rep only takes a few keystrokes.

How can you prevent getting bad reviews from clients?

There are a few ways:

Great customer service

This should be the highest on the priority list. Customer service isn’t always just giving people what they want with a smile, it also entails giving customers a platform to voice their complaints and projecting a professional image at the same time.

Immediate responses

When you have a client who has an issue, do not avoid their contact. Instead, do the opposite. Make a point to return all phone calls and even make a site visit if you have to. This will show the client that you are not only a professional, but their opinions count.

Have trustworthy and dependable staff

As a contractor, time is money. Having staff that will show up to work on time, will not misplace or mishandle materials, and stay on task is key.

Stay on budget

Changes to the scope of work frequently occurs on a job site, but don’t let the additional expenses come as a result of something your team did not do. Staying within the budget and completing the job on time will keep you on the positive side of client reviews.

Use productivity tools

Using tools that will increase efficiency and raise the level of productivity from your company will help keep your brand intact. Clients like it when they are able to get accurate reports and see effective results without having to wait days or weeks for updates. When your company uses tools to help the team work cohesively, you’ll never have to worry about a bad client review.

Stay professional

In everything you do, stay professional. That means not only the principals of the company, but the entire team. Loitering or goofing off is never a good thing, and can result in bad reviews. When you have a team that projects a professional image in every aspect of their work, it is a great reflection of your company and what you represent.