Contractors Across U.S Bid for North Dakota Road Work

May 12, 2014

North Dakota’s Department of Transportation is attracting excavating and road construction contractors from all over the country. How? By offering over $1 billion dollars in bids in 2014.

A good portion of the bids are for new road construction as the oil fields and natural gas wells are popping up all over the western counties of the state, though some are for maintenance and repair.

This year’s budget is almost $10 million more than last years and last years was the largest road repair and construction in North Dakota history.

The North Dakota Department of Transportation (NDDOT) already has a list of over 228 pre-approved contractors that have proven experience and a history of completing their work on time and correctly (1). In addition to contractors from the Mountain West, there are contractors coming in from all over including a painting crew from the opposite corner of the country, Florida.

How to Qualify

Every contractor hoping to land a bid with the NDDOT must submit a prequalification statement prior to July 1 of each year. The statement is a 10 page document that outlines the requisite skills and experience necessary to bid for a DOT job in North Dakota.

In addition, the statement requires that each contractor submit company information vital to NDDOT’s selection of contractors including:

  • The number and types of equipment owned by the company,

  • The number of full-time employees

  • The size and amount billed for jobs pertinent to road construction,

  • The types of NDDOT jobs the company hopes to bid for; general, grading, gravel, etc.,

  • The financial solvency of any company hoping to bid for jobs over $250,000

Each contractor is required to submit an affidavit with the statement swearing that the information is true, and the affidavit must be notarized with a stamp/seal.

Approval and Bidding

Following approval, each contract is given a class rating. The ratings are: Class A,B,C, or D. This class license determines what projects the NDDOT determines a company is capable of completing. That class licensing is accompanied by a list of projects the company is eligible to bid on.

Could Be Multi-Year Project

Many of last year’s pre-selected contractors worked through the winter or are returning this summer. If last year’s expansion of the budget is any indication, projects in North Dakota may continue to be available for several years to come.