How Contractors Can Utilize A Cloud Based Document Management System

November 11, 2014

As a contractor it can be very hard to keep track of all of your documents. Using accordion folders can be practical but can easily get un-organized.

Contractors are now implementing their smartphones and tablets to help improve efficiency at job sites. With all of the advancements in technology today, it’s important for contractors to look for other ways to store necessary documents.

Cloud Based Document Management

“Cloud based” means that your documents will be stored in a virtual filing cabinet, which can be accessed anywhere and with any internet capable device including phones, computers, and tablets. These virtual documents can be shared with anyone you choose, by giving them access to only those files that pertain to them. You no longer have to carry around a bunch of documents. Your smartphone or tablet is all you need.

It is much easier to store documents electronically and find them when you need them, than sifting through a folder to find the paper you need. Also they are much safer when stored electronically, they can not be damaged by weather or a dirty worksite. Having one central location for all of your documents, which are retrievable from anywhere, is essential for someone who works on job sites most of the time.

Another major plus of these cloud based documents is the ability to share information with your employees. Instead of printing out documents for your employees, you can save time and money by simply sharing files. Most of the document management apps allow you to share your content with people who may not have the app by allowing you to email it to them.

Time management is key for contractors, by eliminating the time it takes to organize documents form job to job, they create more time to actually work at the job sites.