Stay Organized at the Job Site and Save Time

December 12, 2014

The world of advanced technology has made it easier to communicate with others. Technology helps to keep you organized and saves time.

Utilizing its many benefits will provide you with the means of communication necessary to run your contracting business smoothly.

Time Management

When managing your time amongst many job sites, it’s important to prioritize by urgency. When you’re meeting with a potential customer, it’s very important to discuss their expectations on a time frame.

Use an online calendar that can be accessed by all the contractors and anyone else involved in the project. The calendar should include all projects that are currently incomplete along with a daily schedule of work needed to be performed on each site. When changes are made to the calendar, all involved will be alerted.

Provide each of your contractors with a smart phone to ensure that you’ll have a way to contact them immediately. A great way to keep in contact is to send out group messages from these phones. This will provide a means of communication between many people all at once.

Stay Organized

In order to keep organized you must have an office manager. The manager will be in charge of ordering supplies needed to complete jobs, handling phone calls, paying your bills and collecting payments, keeping proper financial records, payroll, and much more. A person in this position must possess exceptionally good organizational and communication skills in order to help run the business successfully. Since this will be a person your customers will speak to often, it’s important to choose who you place in this position wisely.

Keep Customers Satisfied

Since the customer is the one paying you, you’ll want to keep them happy. You must always treat them in a courteous manner.

The best way to earn the trust of a customer is to always be upfront. When you give a customer a quote, it’s crucial to stay close to the dollar amount quoted. However, it’s reasonable to expect that there may be a possibility of exceeding the quoted price. Your contract must state what percentage over is agreeable with the customer. A customer is never happy with unwanted surprises.

Always keep the customer informed of any changes needed or delays that you may encounter along the way.  Having this communication with the customer earns their trust.

Being good to your customers builds lasting business relationships and will help to grow your business.