What Contractors Should Look for in a Mobile Software

February 2, 2015

Mobile software is revolutionizing the construction industry. Through apps and mobile devices, you and your employees have the potential to communicate with clients and with each other at the touch of a button.

You can share ideas, update each other on construction projects, report problems, and carry out a wide range of administrative functions at virtually no cost. In order to fully exploit these new technologies, however, make sure the software you buy has the following characteristics:

1. Usability

The best software is the kind that you can figure out how to use intuitively. Training all of your employees to use their new devices wastes both money and time, and distracts them from their jobs. Instead, choose apps that can be operated with a few clicks, or better yet, that are voice-operated. Ease of use is also a safety issue. The less distracted your employees are trying to make their tablets work, the more caution they can take while doing their work.

2. Accessibility

Before you choose an app, make sure it works on all your employees’ operating systems. Buying an app that only some of your employees can use will compromise communication and lower productivity. Worse still, the employees who can use the app will have an advantage over those who can’t, leading to division in the workplace.

To avoid these problems, make sure that you know what kind of devices each of your employees uses, and buy apps compatible with all of them. Alternatively, consider buying each of your employees the same kind of device. The increase in productivity and workplace harmony will more than make up for the cost of buying these devices.

3. Multilingualism

In our increasingly multicultural society, it’s no longer possible to demand that all your employees speak English fluently. This can create communication problems, but fixing these problems is now as easy as choosing the right software! Many apps are available in multiple languages, allowing employees of all backgrounds to use the same systems. You can also download translation apps, allowing your employees to immediately translate all of their conversations and messages.

4. Minimal Advertising

Don’t be fooled by cheaper apps. Designers often lower the retail price of their software by including advertising space in them. Frequent ads can be a major distraction on the job, and they make it difficult for employees to use their software efficiently. To avoid this, only buy software that doesn’t contain advertising space, even if it costs more.