How a Time Tracking App Can Help You Remain DCAA and DOL Compliant

February 23rd, 2021

Whether you’re a CEO of a construction company that hires contractors, a construction site manager, or even an independent construction contractor, the fact remains that DCAA and DOL compliance likely play an important part in your life.

Specifically, the Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) and the United States Department of Labor (DOL) have strict laws and regulations in place for tracking workplace safety, labor, wages, and other important aspects of contract work like labor tracking.

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In order for those in the contracting industry to remain in business, adhering to these regulations is a must. This is especially true when it comes to the accurate reporting of hours worked. However, being able to accurately track employees’ hours and employee productivity when they’re on the move from site to site each day isn’t always easy, which is why time-tracking applications have become increasingly popular in the industry.

What Are Labor Tracking Apps?

A labor tracking application is a software program that allows construction managers and CEOs alike to easily and remotely track their employees’ whereabouts, time spent on each job, and other details with accuracy and certainty.

Specifically, time-tracking apps can be installed on contractors’ smartphones and used to virtually “punch in” and “punch out” of each job throughout the day. This can be done either via text message, through the application itself, or by placing a phone call. Some devices and apps even have the ability to track the employees’ locations using GPS, giving managers and CEOs additional peace of mind.

All the while, managers can easily track this information from the comfort of their own office or even on-the-go throughout the day by using a smartphone, tablet, or computer–no matter where they may be.

How Can Time-Tracking Apps Benefit You?

With labor tracking applications, not only is payroll made much easier, but maintaining compliance with DCAA and DOL standards becomes a breeze as well. Managers can easily verify the numbers of hours their contractors are working each week to remain in DOL compliance and even have access to generated reports, should an audit be required. And for those working to remain in DCAA compliance, time-tracking software can help to ensure that contractors and their managers are working in-line with Federal Accounting Regulations and other laws.

As a CEO or manager in the contracting industry, surely you have better things to worry about than your employees’ logged hours and whereabouts. Consider utilizing time-tracking software as a seamless and easy means of staying in compliance while freeing up time to focus on other important aspects of running your business.