Management Practices That Increase Employee Productivity

March 12th, 2014

Increasing employee productivity is key in propelling a contractor to increased success.

Using management practices to increase productivity means that a contractor can be more competitive when bidding due to lowered costs and quicker completion on projects.

Read on for some tips that management can practice in order to raise the level of productivity of their employees.

Analyze Each Project Individually

While some basic aspects will probably be similar from one project to the next, management still needs to analyze each one on an individual basis in order to boost productivity.

Benchmarks for reaching particular goals are necessary to keep the project on track. For example, ordering materials so that they are dropped prior to being needed ensures that employees are not standing around waiting.

Utilize Better Planning Options

Developing a plan of action to get each of stage of the project completed on time will go a long way toward meeting deadlines.

If a particular piece of equipment is needed, for example, ensure that the necessary crew members are trained on how to use it before that phase of the project is reached. Don’t pause a project at a mid-point, prior to starting the project take that time to train and ensure all of your employees know how to safely and effectively use key pieces of equipment.

Use the inevitable setbacks that crop up as learning tools to address for the next project.

Train Supervisors so They Can Train Employees

The supervisors that are in charge of the work site need to be adequately trained. Although such training can take an investment in both time and money, it reaps almost instant benefits for the company.

Utilizing programs that allow supervisors to track employee performance while they are on the job site enables them to motivate employees instantly.


  • Build in extra time for planning

  • Train supervisors and employees to utilize technology

  • Analyze projects both as a group and individually