Announcing Version 2.9 of Our Mobile App

October 11th, 2016

We are excited to share with you the many changes available in the latest update to our mobile app. The update improves upon every aspect of our app from the user experience to the technical details under the hood.

Perhaps the most striking difference is the new look and feel of our app. Our app was rebuilt from the ground up, incorporating the Material Design specification widely adopted by other apps. Implementing Material Design allows us to provide a sleek and beautiful experience that should be easier to use and maybe even familiar to some. With this overhaul, we took painstaking care to ensure every view in our interface is responsive, so it will look brilliant and function beautifully on any sized device in either orientation- from the smallest phone to the largest tablet. The app not only looks great, but it is quicker and smoother than it’s ever been.

Employees using the Labor Sync mobile app will find it faster, easier, and much more informative. The update adds support for 15 languages with the ability to suggest more languages to add in the future. Employee messages, job details and employee histories are now more accessible, and entry details show an employees their location on a map. The interface for employees managing crews has also been revamped, providing greater insight to supervisors while simplifying the process of crew management.

Rebuilding the Labor Sync app from the ground up gave us a chance to revisit how we locate employees. The update adds several control mechanisms to employee location, allowing you to require location when an employee performs an action, or skip GPS acquisition altogether for stationary devices. The improved location reporting feature is streamlined, making actions such as clocking in and out even more accurate and nearly instantaneous for users. We were also able to add the frequently requested and much anticipated background geolocation services, a feature we like to call Ping. Locations gathered by Ping are meant to be viewed using our Maps feature.

The features and improvements in this update, from the improved user experience with support of multiple languages and a fast new interface, to the upgraded internals and improved location reporting, will make using Labor Sync faster and easier for your employees. We think these improvements will translate to more productivity, saving you both time and money.

The update is available on Android via the Play Store and coming soon to Apple iOS from the App Store