Stop Tracking Down Employees for Timesheets

August 25th, 2014

Working in the construction industry where there are multiple contractors to deal with can be a hassle when it comes to making sure employees are properly paid. The system becomes even more of a hardship when using paper timesheets.

Multiple sites, multiple assignments and multiple hours can place a huge strain on the personnel tasked with this responsibility. There are a number of reasons why eliminating paper timesheets and implementing a good time tracking system assists with payroll:

  • Employee hours are accurate

  • Easier for employees to keep track of time worked

  • Multiple locations are equally tracked

  • Cuts down on paper waste

  • Provides an electronic record for future auditing

Inefficiency of Paper Timesheets

Tracking down employees for timesheets is a hassle and decreases efficiency. With a time tracking system, timesheets are accessible at a moment’s notice. Having to track employees down for paper timesheets is not a good business practice. There are too many other things that go into processing payroll that will hinder progress. By having a good system that will allow employees to enter their time from wherever they are, you are decreasing the amount of mistakes that happen with payroll.

Good financial planning incorporates processes that will allow every person who needs to get the information in a timely manner. Not having to track employees down for their timesheets brings the corporation into the technological age, and allow them to discard their archaic practices.

Employees will appreciate the gesture and will be more prone to do work and report their hours on time. This also helps project managers monitor the system, and keep in contact with the payroll manager in the event there are hours that have been undocumented for some reason. A manager will be able to go into the system and input them for the employee to keep confidentiality and protocols in place without interference.

The advantages of having a system that alleviates the need for employees to use paper time sheets is a smart business practice that adds to the convenience of operations. Taking the time to research these systems to create a good system that will automatically download payroll without employee interference is key. This is the wave of the future. Implement your systems today!