The Road to 3.0

December 16th, 2015

Labor Sync is evolving! While you may have noticed our release of QuickBooks integration and in-app customer support, get ready for some major changes! Many of you have been patiently awaiting the release of 3.0 and the great features that it brings. While it has been delayed, we think it’s worth it! So, what happened? While in the process of developing 3.0, we realized we needed to employ a graphic designer to overhaul the user experience and streamline the usability of the website and mobile app. We released our sneak peek to get our users excited for the big change, but at this point we decided that good was not good enough- we strive for excellence! After extensive research and development, we have developed the most advanced application using the most up to date technology available!

Labor Sync has developed a plan for deployment to provide users with the most seamless shift possible. Introducing the road to 3.0! By releasing our software in phases, it will allow for our users to get comfortable with the new interface while gradually rolling out new features. Let’s start with 2.8. This phase will include new features and a visual overhaul for our mobile app. The shift to Material Design’s visual standards provides a fresh look that’s beautiful and easy to use. A language independent PIN screen and support for multiple languages for multiple employees will be included in this release as well. There will also be customization options available for each employee’s needs.

The next phase will come with the release of 2.9. This release will enable continuous real time GPS tracking to locate exactly were employees are working, a feature we dubbed Ping. We will be utilizing real-time web technologies to provide an ongoing live feed of employee locations to users without interaction. This is a 3.0 feature that will be released early, along side our current platform, in order to meet the high demand. With 2.9 you will get a Ping web application, followed by the new web experience with real time updates, a Material Design-styled interface, and many enhancements to current features with 3.0.

We have some new and exciting features for the future of Labor Sync. The ideas driving application design, as well as the underlying technology, are changing. By re-writing our current application, we were able to make use of these new technologies and bring them to you. We know the road to 3.0 has been a long one, but we appreciate your patience while we have been hard at work to provide you with the most streamlined, efficient, and visually appealing Labor Sync application- to save you both time and money. We can’t wait to walk down this road with you!