GPS Time Tracking for Employees

Made Simple.

Track your employees’ hours and location with Labor Sync.

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Labor Sync does a very nice job of capturing time & attendance for my employees. Very good product. Reliable. Fairly-priced Have used you for YEARS.”

- John T., Residential Contractor -

Employee GPS Tracking

Labor Sync provides you with real-time tracking to help you manage your employees’ schedule more easily than ever before.

  • Location tied to clock in and clock out actions

  • See historic and real-time locations

  • Export custom reports

Labor Sync Desktop and Mobile Experience
Labor Sync Mobile Experience

Employee Time Tracking

Running payroll just got easier. Employees can quickly and accurately track their hours with the click of a button.

  • Generate and export timesheet reports

  • Track employee hours and overtime

  • Tie clock-ins and clock-outs to specific jobs

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Labor Sync has enabled me to cut the time I spend gathering labor for payroll by hours weekly. Additionally Labor Sync has decreased the preparation time for my payroll based audits allowing me to gather payroll data in seconds. I enter a time parameter and the requested data is available immediately. Labor Sync helps free up a lot of time so that I can focus my attention on my other job duties.

- Ginna L., Roofing Company -

How much could Labor Sync save your business?

Managing your employees can be a major expense for your business. Running payroll, managing schedules, monitoring overtime, and even auditing timesheets can all add up. Labor Sync can help streamline your processes, saving your business money in the process.

Labor Sync Savings Calculator

Priced for businesses like yours, Labor Sync is just $10/mo per active employee. With Flex Pay, you’ll never pay for an employee who doesn’t use Labor Sync.

So, how much can Labor Sync save your business?

Labor Sync Features

Customizable Reports
Field Messaging Capabilities

Customizable Reports

GPS Tracking

Field Notes & Messaging

Multi-lingual support

Mobile-Friendly Platform

Multi-lingual Support

State & Federal Compliant


Export your employee time and location information to make payroll a breeze, with direct integration with Quickbooks, and the option to export payroll reports to an Excel spreadsheet for easy integration with other platforms.

Customer Support

Fast and friendly customer service is the backbone to any great business application. At Labor Sync, you have options to choose from:

  • Help Center with common FAQs, How To Guides, Downloads, and more.

  • Virtual Chat

  • Phone Support: 1-877-411-5666