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A ridiculously easy way to track employees’ time and GPS location using mobile devices.

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What is Labor Sync?

An Innovative Approach To Time Tracking

Monitoring and organizing each employee’s hours logged, as well as location and job site information no longer needs to be a time consuming task. Streamline the process using our mobile app and web platform.

Designed for Service-Based Businesses

Labor Sync brings simple, reliable tracking to your entire labor force, no matter where they go. We understand that accuracy and ease of use both matter. Our platform is designed so that anyone can reliably track their time, providing you with the best insights you can get for your labor costs.

Free Apps Available For Mobile and Desktop Devices

Our cloud-based time tracking app lets you oversee your workforce in real-time, using company or personal mobile devices - including tablets! Install our desktop version on any computer for your office staff to log their hours.

Labor Sync Mobile Experience
Administrative Views

Flexible and Accessible

Whether you need each member of your team to have the ability to track their time, or just your foreman to log their crew's hours, Labor Sync offers flexible solutions to fit how your business operates.

Inclusive and Internationally Supported

Labor Sync currently supports 15 languages. Each employee is able to select their preferred language on the device they use, making Labor Sync the ideal solution for bilingual and multilingual teams.


Why Use Labor Sync?

Reduce costs and streamline your job with digital timekeeping- all while accurately tracking your data in the Cloud. Your reports are available to you from anywhere with internet access and at anytime. Stop depending on unreliable paper timesheets that get lost, damaged, or forgotten. Simplify your processes with Labor Sync.

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When business information is scattered, delayed, and hard to process, that’s the wrong way. Labor Sync is the tool you need to streamline your entire time & attendance process the right way. Get the information you want about your work force in real-time with Labor Sync.

Calculate How Much Labor Sync Could Save You Annually

Your business could be losing thousands of dollars every year on over paid wages or loss of productive time.

  • Reduce over paid wages caused by inaccurate time tracking

  • Streamline payroll process with easy-to-use integrations

  • Effectively manage crews' productivity and profitability

Labor Sync Is Different

Labor Sync was created to make life easier. Our multilingual cloud-based application allows you to oversee your entire workforce from anywhere, at any time, and in real-time!

All labor information is available at your fingertips with fully customizable reports that can be easily exported and used for payroll. You can even import directly into Quickbooks to simplify your payroll process.

Your workforce doesn’t speak English? Not a problem. Labor Sync is available in 15 different languages and counting.

Time & Attendance Made Simple

Real-Time Access

See who is currently clocked-in and where they're working, at any time.

Reliable Accuracy

See GPS, Time & Date stamped payroll records for all your employees.


Clear and concise communication between employees and office personnel.

Mobile Optimized

Available anywhere, any time, on Apple and Android devices - company or personal.

Full Customization

This easily adaptable platform gives you the information you need most.

State + Federal Compliance

Maintain State and Federal compliancy with secure and reliable record keeping.

Why Our Customers Love Labor Sync

Our support staff is always there to help you and is one of the many reasons why our customers love us. We firmly believe that your success is our success. We love to help our customers save time and money!

We care about our customers, and strive to be the best time & attendance tool available on the market.

"Labor Sync Has Been The Perfect Solution"

Labor Sync has been the perfect solution to all my payroll and keeping track of hours nightmares, and has taken the grey area out of what employees worked!

Jason Harke, J & B Drywall, Inc

"Excellent Support and A Great Company to Back It Up"

This is an excellent product for tracking time. Unlike most time tracking apps this one scales to any size company easily. Excellent support and a great company to back it up. These guys have it all.

Chase Coates, Outback Landscape, Inc