Only $10 A Month Per Active Employee

Free online training is available for your office staff and all of your employees. We want you to succeed! We will make sure that you do.

Try Labor Sync risk free for 14 days.

Hate Commitment?

Using Labor Sync is simple. There are no contracts, no set-up fees and absolutely no hassles. Our Flex Pay billing is just as simple. You will never be charged a flat rate. Labor Sync only bills you for active employees, so if an employee doesn’t clock-in during a billing cycle, you will not be charged for that employee. Our goal is to help you grow your business!

Question & Answers

Can I Try Labor Sync For Free?

You can trial Labor Sync for free for 14 days.

During your free trial, and after, we will provide you with online training and customer support.

Is The Trial Limited, Restricted, or Scaled Down Version of the System?

No, you get complete use of the Labor Sync system free of charge for the initial 14 days. After the trial period you can continue your account for only $10 a month per employee, with a minimum of one employee per month.

How Is The Total Number of Charged Employees Calculated Each Month?

Labor Sync charges you by the number of employees whose time was tracked during a billing cycle, not by the number of employees you have within the system. If you don’t track an employee during a billing cycle, the bill will automatically be reduced. Minimum of one employee per month.

Are There Any Extra Fees?

There are no extra fees on top of the number of charged employees, but we do require a minimum of one employee per month ($10) as a service fee while your subscription is still active.

If you plan to be dormant for an extended period of time, we suggest canceling your subscription. You can always log in when you’re ready and simply update your billing information.

How Do I Cancel Service?

Canceling Labor Sync is simple. You can unsubscribe through the Billing Tab in your Account Settings.

If you decide cancel your account please give us a call to tell us why. Most people end up not canceling their account once we’ve had a chance to run through it with them. Some of our greatest features just get overlooked sometimes.