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From simplifying payroll to providing accountability for all of your employees, we make life easier for everyone.

Trying it is just as easy and free.

Time & Attendance Made Simple

Having the right GPS time tracking solution is essential to maximizing the efficiency of not only your employees, but also the entire company.

You need a GPS time tracking app to simplify time & attendance and save your company time and money. Not everyone has the time to ensure that their employees are fulfilling their duties and being honest on their timesheets. You are responsible for making your company successful and finding solutions to help you cut costs. Think about it- your company could be losing thousands every year in over-paid wages. With the right GPS time tracking solution, you can save time, money and your sanity.

Compatibility and Speed

A compatible service is important for any company, regardless of whether you run a small business or a larger corporation. You can optimize Labor Sync’s easily adaptable platform to fit your company’s needs in a multitude of ways. You should not have to change your business model to use technology- technology should adapt to your business.

We can quickly and easily streamline your job.

  • Payroll

  • Estimating

  • Project Management

  • Job Costing

  • Field Operations

  • Overall Employment Management

Real Time Reporting

All of your information is available to you in highly customizable reports. The exact information you want can be pinpointed by filtering based on employee, job, and time frame and displayed in a variety of formats in real time.

Any report you create or view can be saved for later with the click of a button. If you have a favorite report, you can set it to automatically open every time you log in.

Customizable Reports

Identify how much time is being spent on specific jobs and activities. Easily compile your data through our customizable reports. You have access to the exact information you want; which can be filtered based on employee, job and time frame.

Data Portability

Export payroll data into Quickbooks instantly, significantly reducing the amount of time wasted on transferring data.

Labor Sync exports all reports in PDF and Excel formats, both compatible formats on most payroll software.

Accuracy and Efficiency

We precisely track both the GPS location and time of your employees throughout the day.

View easy-to-read date & time stamped actions and interactive maps showing your employee locations in real-time. See all of your employees on one map moving around in real-time.


Rapidly advancing technology has allowed people unprecedented access and transparency to many facets of life. Why not apply this logic to your company? Our cloud-based software quickly allows both remote and office employees to easily communicate with their supervisors from anywhere. In addition, employees have unlimited access to all of their personal work information, including the hours they worked and actions performed.


Don’t settle for traditional software installed on local machines that’s only available when you are directly at that workstation. With today’s technology, a cloud service allows for access to all of your information from any Internet connected device in the world.

GPS Tracking

There may be instances when conflicts arise regarding when your employees were on a job site, or how much time they’ve worked. With GPS-enabled time tracking, you have accurate reports indicating how long each employee is at a job site and the route that they took to get there.

Real Time GPS Tracking

View all of your employees in real-time on one screen. With the click of a button you will know where ALL of your employees are and watch them travel to their next destination…all in real-time.

Labor Sync Desktop and Mobile Experience

Multi Platform Mobile Application

Quickly track time and GPS location with our free and easy to use mobile app.

Identical across all supported platforms, employees can easily switch between any device connected to your account. Some employees don’t have a device? Not to worry – employees can share devices.

Smart. Simple. Powerful.

Forgetting to track time happens to all of us. And, before you know it, it’s Friday and your timesheets need to be handed in… but they’re blank.

Tracking time is now as easy as pushing a button. Technology is becoming a bigger part of the workforce. It’s no longer just for sending emails and communicating with your foreman or manager, but a necessary tool that makes your life easier. The best part is, your employees can use their own mobile devices! No extra equipment required. Simply download the free app on any Android or iOS device.

Go Paperless

Keeping track of paper time sheets can be annoying and a hassle when filling them out. By going digital you are simplifying the process and making your life a whole lot easier.

My Labor Sync

Quit shuffling through endless stacks of paper time sheets to calculate total hours. With “My Labor Sync”, employees have the ability to see all of their hours, jobs, and notes in one convenient place instantly. Your employees don’t speak English? Choose from 15 languages.

Stay In Sync With The Office

The majority of your day is probably spent managing your team. In REAL-TIME, Labor Sync gives you the ability to see the job site your employees are on, and how much time they have spent there. This makes a large workforce easier to manage and keep track of.

Batch Entries

Not having to buy extra equipment is really convenient. However, we understand that every employee might not have a smart phone. Foremen or Managers have the ability to log activity for the entire team using Batch Entries.

Field Notes & Messaging

Communication is key. Through the messaging feature, employees can be notified of meetings, schedule changes, or any other information. Since messages are device agnostic, your team members will receive the message no matter which device they use.

Labor Sync Mobile Experience


Labor Sync empowers employees to select their preferred language from a list of 17 supported languages. Our language independent login screen identifies the employee and provides them with an experience in their chosen language on any device they use.

Currently Supported Languages
Chinese (simplified), Chinese (traditional), English, French, French Canadian, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese (Europe), Russian, Spanish (Latin American), Spanish (Spain), and Turkish


An Innovative Approach To Time Tracking

Monitoring and organizing each employee’s hours logged, as well as location and job site information no longer needs to be a time consuming task.

Free Apps Available For Mobile and Desktop Devices

Our cloud based time tracking app lets you oversee your workforce in real-time, using company or personal devices. Install our desktop version on any computer for your office staff to log their hours.

More Details


Navigating State and Federal Department of Labor (DOL) wage and hour laws can be costly and tedious. Labor Sync helps to ensure your compliance at all times and keeps accurate records of every activity to help protect you and your business. Labor Sync ensures full compatibility with State and Federal Government compliances as well as catering to the requirements of various agencies, including and not limited to:

  • Prevailing Wage

  • The Davis Bacon Act

  • Department of Defense (DOD) requirements

  • Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA)