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If your business is dependent on a labor-based workforce it is essential that you have a tool to track and manage your team. Labor Sync provides a labor tracking solution that helps you save money and maintain a sterling reputation with your customers.

An Innovative Approach To Time Tracking

Our cloud based time tracking app lets you oversee your workforce in real-time, using company or personal devices. We precisely track both the GPS location and time of your employees throughout the day so you can easily see who is at which job sites and for how long.

Available on both iOS and Android.


Go Paperless with Labor Sync

Keeping track of paper time sheets can be annoying and a hassle when filling them out. By going digital you are simplifying the process and making your life a whole lot easier.

Quit shuffling through endless stacks of paper time sheets to calculate total hours. With Labor Sync, employees also have the ability to see all of their hours, jobs, and notes in one convenient place instantly.


Do I need to sign up to use Labor Sync?

Yes, in order for us to know which devices are yours, you must sign up and register with us first.

Does the free 14-day trial limit or restrict features?

How does billing per employee work?

Do I have to archive or delete employees to stop tracking their time?

How do I manage my subscription?

What if I need help setting up or maintaining my account?

Enjoy the Benefits of FlexPay

Hate Commitment?

Using Labor Sync is simple. There are no contracts, no set-up fees and absolutely no hassles. Our Flex Pay billing is just as simple. You will never be charged a flat rate. Labor Sync only bills you for active employees, so if an employee doesn’t clock-in during a billing cycle, you will not be charged for that employee. As your labor force changes through busy and slow seasons, your labor tracking cost will too. Our goal is to help you grow your business!

Manage a Multilingual Workforce

Labor Sync empowers employees to select their preferred language from a list of 17 supported languages. Our language independent login screen identifies the employee and provides them with an experience in their chosen language on any device they use.

Currently Supported Languages

Chinese (simplified), Chinese (traditional), English, French, French Canadian, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese (Europe), Russian, Spanish (Latin American), Spanish (Spain), and Turkish

"Labor Sync has been the perfect solution"

"Labor Sync has been the perfect solution to all my payroll and keeping track of hours nightmares, and has taken the grey area out of what employees worked!"

- Jason Harke, J & B Drywall, Inc

"Excellent support and a great company to back it up"

"This is an excellent product for tracking time. Unlike most time tracking apps this one scales to any size company easily. Excellent support and a great company to back it up. These guys have it all."

- Chase Coates, Outback Landscape, Inc

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