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How to track employee productivity the right way (+ examples)

Your ability to run a profitable business depends on your ability to effectively track employee productivity. At a high level, you can’t manage anything you don’t measure. But more simply, if you know you’re currently not tracking employee productivity accurately, you’re losing money, guaranteed.

How to Improve Construction Productivity (Tips From the Pros)

The productivity of your labor force is critical because your ability to effectively measure and manage their productivity will have a direct impact on how much money your business is losing or making.

Time Management Tactics Every Contractor Should Know

When working on a project, a contractor's time is of the essence and to avoid wasting time and money follows these tips for good time management.

Project Management Software Is Essential for Construction Managers

Using a project management software can help you stay organized and maintain a successful business. Learn more about how these tools can help you analyze your projects and stay efficient.

Key Questions a Contractor Should Ask the Client Before Starting a Job

Here are some key questions every contractor should ask their client before beginning a job to ensure they have a thorough understanding.

The Push for Mobile Technology at Jobsites

Using smartphones, tablets and other mobile technology at work, you probably imagine an office environment or conference center on the road.

7 Ways a Contractor Can Easily Organize Their Documents

Here are 7 tips to stay organized in the contractor industry so you can stay focused and have peace of mind knowing you have all the info you need on hand.

Contractors: Reasons Not to Take Every Job

Making sure you’re able to satisfy the customer while still turning a profit is vital and there may be some jobs that won’t allow for that.

Announcing Version 2.9 of Our Mobile App

We are excited to share with you the many changes available in the latest update to our mobile app.

Introducing Maps

Labor Sync Maps offers real-time mapping of employees, providing unprecedented insight into employee movements and activities throughout the day.

The Road to 3.0

Labor Sync is evolving! While you may have noticed our release of QuickBooks integration and in-app customer support, get ready for some major changes!

3 Ways a Labor Management Software Can Improve Project Profitability

Labor costs can drive profitability down more than any other factor when running a construction company.