About Us

During his 17 years as the President of a large commercial roofing company, Dean Logan, Co-founder and CEO, helped cultivate that business from a small local family owned company to one that is now recognized as major player within the roofing industry.

On the heels of another recession, Dean looked to technology to control labor costs within the roofing business. Partnering with Joe Burger, an IT professional, they designed an application that eliminated payroll discrepancies and increased employee productivity.

After seeing the benefits, they formed Labor Sync to share this money saving solution with other companies in the contracting industry in 2011.

Since the product launch, the Labor Sync team has focused on expanding into new markets across the globe, saving thousands of businesses time and money, and continuously pushing the boundaries of available technologies- while making them easily available to our customers.

Key Members

Dean Logan

Founder & CEO

Albert Logan

Founder & CFO

Joseph Burger

Founder & CTO