Time Tracking App: Paperless

September 3, 2014

It’s the 21st century, and that means time to move away from prehistoric methods of tracking hours worked.

If you’re still filling out paper timesheets at the end of the day or even the week, you’re costing the company money. It’s common knowledge that there are now better and paperless options like Labor Sync’s time tracking software that makes tracking time and doing payroll a breeze.

Here are 3 reasons why going paperless with Labor Sync will benefit your company.

Lost or Damaged

A piece of paper is very easy to lose especially when you’re working at different job sites throughout the week. It’s also difficult to keep that piece of paper on you at all times to efficiently track the number of hours worked.

If you decide to separate yourself from you timesheet and keep it in a central location like a car, you increase the chances of losing or damaging it. The worse the paper is to read, the harder it is for your company bookkeeper to decipher what it says when doing payroll. This causes inaccuracies and employees get paid either more or less than they actually should.

Inaccuracies are neither the employee or the payroll administrators fault; paper timesheets are an ineffective way of tracking time. With Labor Sync’s time tracking app, all employees will have their timesheets directly on their phones giving them the ability to fill it out as soon as they are done working for the day lowering discrepancies. Also, digital timesheets cannot be damaged like paper and are much harder to lose.


At the end of the week or month the thought of timesheets stacked up on a desk can be frightening. Copying down every employee’s time from each sheet and then having to calculate their hours is a hassle. Also, written timesheets reflect only what an employee chooses to write down which can result in payroll inaccuracies. Labor Sync’s time tracking software organizes all of your employees information in easy to read reports.

Discrepancies in time worked are easily taken care of because of Labor Sync’s accurate time tracking. Employees are able to access their “My Labor Sync” profile right from their phone where they can review the hours they worked.

Efficiency and Accuracy

Paper timesheets are a very inefficient method of tracking hours worked. At the end of the day or end of the week, employees will need to drop their timesheet off for payroll processing. This may cause them to leave job sites earlier than usual because of the need to travel before heading home for the day.

When a timesheet is filled out at the end of the day or week, it is inevitable that mistakes will be made, we are only human. It is hard to keep accurate time when you are constantly trying to remember when you actually left or arrived at a job site.

With Labor Sync’s mobile app, employees can easily clock in once they get to a job site and clock out when they are finished, all from their mobile device. By having an easy to access app, Labor Sync makes it more convenient for employees to track their time accurately.

The paperless feature is just one of the many tools that makes Labor Sync a useful addition to your company improving your efficiency and cutting costs. Give Labor Sync’s software a try for 14 days risk-free and see how it improves your company.