How to Track Labor Cost in QuickBooks

October 2nd, 2020

Here at Labor Sync, we are all about making your life easier, and guess what…. we did it again!

Recently we finished our integration with Quickbooks Desktop, making bookkeeping much easier. We thought that creating an easy way to integrate with this popular accounting software would make our customers’ lives easier.

Here’s what you need to know:

Integration with QuickBooks Desktop

What we did is make it easy for you to import all of your data from Labor Sync into Quickbooks. This means all of your contacts will be transferred from Quickbooks into Labor Sync. Labor Sync lets you match all of your contacts with the ones in Quickbooks. Now when you export your employee's labor hours into Quickbooks, there will be no issues. With this integration, payroll has become one of the easiest tasks you have to complete, rather than one of the hardest.

Also, all customers and jobs will be matched with the jobs that Labor Sync completed and the employees that worked on them. This will help cut out the unnecessary time you spend tracking all of your employee's labor hours and applying it to each job they did. Then taking all of that data and matching it to the right customer to the bill.

If you bill customers via Quickbooks, this process is now completely simplified by Labor Sync’s software. Not only are you saving yourself time with this integration, but you’re also limiting the number of mistakes you make when billing customers. All of your employee's labor hours are accurately tracked by Labor Sync and then seamlessly transferred over to the Quickbooks system. This ensures the customer that when they get billed, they are paying the correct amount they are supposed to.

Currently, this feature only exists on the desktop version of Quickbooks. This integration will require you to synchronize using the QuickBooks Web Connector. Once you’ve synchronized, you may match up your QuickBooks and Labor Sync items, or transfer them to either system. We are also currently in the process of creating an integration for Quickbooks online.

People with Labor Sync Accounts who are using Quickbooks can start the integration today. Contact support to find out how to how to implement the new integration.

If you don’t have a Labor Sync account be sure to sign-up for Labor Sync’s free 14-day trial to see this integration in action.

People Also Ask

How do I track labor in QuickBooks?

Tracking labor with Quickbooks used to be a daunting task but with LaborSync's automatic integration it has never been easier. Reach to out us today and a specialist can help you get started.