Construction Time Tracking and How Your Employees Benefit

January 28th, 2022

As a business owner, putting processes in place on the job that will help your operations run smoothly makes good business sense.

Utilizing technology such as a construction time tracking app to improve daily functions in Industries that utilize a great number of contractors offers a number of benefits, such as being able to know how much time is being spent on a project, easy access to the numbers and no more paper timesheets.

Although these are great benefits to the employer, what about the employee? Are there any employee advantages to using time tracking software?

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How time tracking software can help employees

Although time tracking software is implemented by employers to keep their systems organized, time tracking software offers a number of benefits and advantages for employees as well. Here are a few ways:

Elimination of paper timesheets

Employees will be able to electronically have their time transmitted into the system from anywhere without worrying about whether or not their timesheet was received. A time tracking software allows the employee to see what hours have been worked and the dates in which they worked them.

GPS enabling

For employees that primarily work in the field, a time tracking software lets them see what hours they clocked where they clocked them.

Project enhancement

A time tracking software helps employees keep track of which projects they worked on and the number of hours. This will give the employee a good estimate on their strengths and weaknesses, helping to improve their workflow. This can also help when making a pitch to work on a new project or area within the company.

Also by accurately tracking their time, they can inform managers how long certain projects take. This can help employees and managers schedule out their days more efficiently and also reduce labor costs.


Being able to review hours worked through a time tracking system will help employees in getting their hours billed to the correct project. They will be able to pinpoint any discrepancies or inconsistencies with the payroll administrator.

Time tracking software makes sense for both employers and employees, which can help the company move forward and project a professional image for continued growth.