Why Paper Time Sheets Are a Thing of the Past

July 25th, 2014

As technology continues to dominate the way companies do business, there are certain protocols that have become automated in an effort to increase efficiency, record-keeping and ensure smooth operations in or out of the office.

One of these protocols is paper time sheets, which have become a thing of the past.


Paper time sheets have become obsolete for some of the following reasons:

They are hard to keep track of

This has always been a huge issue for companies, especially if there are off-site workers. Paper time sheets are easily lost and can become illegible if handled too much.

They are frequently inaccurate

Payroll administrators have always had to deal with the frustration of employee complaints of hours worked not being paid, or run into instances where employees were paid for hours they did not work. Paper time sheets can’t be quickly altered and if not properly monitored, can cost your company quite a bit of money.

They are outdated

With so many digital and online systems on the market, using paper time sheets keeps your organization in a time warp. Companies must employ new cost-saving strategies to remain competitive and cutting-edge. Getting rid of paper time sheets is one way to enhance productivity while reigning in costs.

They waste time

The amount of time an employee spends filling out a paper time sheet, especially if they have not done it all week wastes time that they could have used doing other tasks. Paper time sheets are notorious time wasters in time management.

They are not economically or ecologically useful

Paper time sheets waste paper and increase overall company costs. When factoring in the cost of paper, ink, copying time sheets and the space they will occupy, switching to a digital program can save the company thousands over the course of a year.

It makes smart business sense to implement digital time sheet programs that will allow you to track your employees no matter where they are. There are a number of programs on the market that have GPS signals that will also monitor employee locations when they are off-site to make sure they are on task, or really at their location. This helps keeps track of workers in the construction industry or contractors who have fluctuating schedules and cuts down on overpayment, increases productivity and assists project managers in staying within the designated budget.

A digital time sheet system provides an accurate record from anywhere in the world. It’s the wave of the future in time management – easy, economical and efficient.