Time Tracking App: GPS Location

August 29th, 2021

Updating employee time tracking software sometimes gets overlooked because of a hesitation to change.

Companies find implementing new solutions challenging because they aren’t trying to the change the ways of just one person, they are changing the ways for several hundred or more. If everyone is not on-board with the change, it will hinder the success of a solution.

Labor Sync has several built-in features that make it’s software something employees will want to use to help make their lives easier.

GPS Location

This feature uses GPS to save the position of an employee on a map every time they clock in or out using a mobile device. The map can be accessed by management at any time.

This map is also interactive allowing you to zoom in and out to view all the job sites an employee worked at, as well as view how long they were at a particular site for.

Value for the Employee

Employees shouldn’t view this feature as “big brother”, following their every move. The time tracking software only tracks the location when you clock in and clock out on a device. A benefit for employees is they can go into their “My Labor Sync” app and view how many hours they clocked at each job site they can also see all of their messages and notes. They can add notes throughout the day and manage their employees time if they are a foreman given that permission.

This is a key feature for them because if any discrepancies (with a client or manager) come up they can prove that they were where they were suppose to be and show the hours they worked there.

Value for the CEO/Owner

The biggest benefit for CEOs or owners is that they can see the total number of hours being clocked, per job site, and per employee all in one place. This simplifies how long it takes to do payroll and manage employees.

This feature is a simple way to keep track of all your employees with a few clicks of the mouse. It’s extremely useful when you have a large workforce with multiple employees at multiple job sites each day.

Labor Sync’s GPS features is just one of many features that makes it a useful tool to help your company improve efficiency and cut costs. Give Labor Sync’s software a try for 14 days risk-free and see how it improves your company. Employee time tracking software made easy.

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