What Construction Managers Should Look for When Hiring

August 13, 2014

In the construction industry, hiring the right people to get the job done makes a huge difference in the success of the project.

Employees may come and go, but having a good pool of candidates to fill those spots is key.

Important things to look for:


There is a lot to be said for experience, especially in the construction industry. Someone who has only worked on residential facilities may not have the knowledge or expertise to work on a high-rise or medical facility. When choosing to hire someone make sure that they are capable of complete the specific jobs you need done.


This is important. Individuals that take the time to get certified in specialty areas demonstrate they are committed and are well-suited for the job. Having certified workers on your team only adds to the professionalism and brand image of your company, helping position you for lucrative contracts.


Knowing whether or not a person is reliable is key. Look at their past projects. Have they seen them through to completion? Why or why not? What is their track record, and do they have good references that can attest to their work? These are very important questions to ask when hiring employees and sub-contractors for projects. Any shabby work or questionable work ethic will reflect poorly on you.

Ability to communicate

Being able to understand the scope of the project and effectively communicate with co-workers, the project manager and the foreman is an integral part of working in the industry. Things happen every day on construction sites that need to be conveyed in a clear and concise manner. Having someone who cannot communicate well could end up costing the company a lot of money and tarnishing their reputation. You want employees that will represent the company well.


There are a lot of individuals that show up on construction sites looking for work and it can sometimes be hard to pick the right people for the job. As you assess these individuals, consider the following:

  • Have they shown up every day?
  • Have they been there early, either with or before the standing crew?
  • Have they shown initiative to find out about the project to seek out who the hiring manager is?
  • Have they spoken to other employees about the hiring process?

These are key indicators that this is someone you may want on your team. If they show a high caliber of professionalism, drive and are determined to get an interview, chances are this is a good candidate for the job.