The Importance of Transparency When Managing Employees

July 14th, 2014

The effective management of an organization should always include a high level of transparency to keep employees engaged.

This open environment creates a level of trust and confidence within the organization that encourages consistency and stability. As the use of technology becomes the norm, the expectations of employees are greater.

Today’s employees look for engagement and interaction from all levels of management on a fairly frequent basis. How can an organization employ effective methods of transparency?

Here are a few suggestions:

Have a cohesive executive leadership team

The executive team plays a central role in creating a transparent organization. Everyone at this level should be working together to enhance, attain and maintain the strategic goals of the company. This is crucial, as those benchmarks are passed down from the top. Without a cohesive executive team, information is not dispersed properly and transparency is compromised.

Eliminate false perceptions of management levels

Every successful company understands that open-door policies work well in effective employee management. By keeping the lines of communication open and flowing between senior and mid-level management, critical information will always reach employees in a timely manner. Lower-level employees should feel comfortable reaching out to their manager or someone on the executive team to resolve a problem or receive information. This demonstrates that all employees are important, no matter what role they play.

Create a culture of partnership

Managing employees goes beyond giving orders, but including them in the important dealings of the company. By sharing company goals, expectations and the financial impact of reaching those goals, employees will be more adept at understanding how their role enhances the organization.

Empower managers at all levels

When there are big changes on the horizon, make sure all managers are equipped to handle questions from employees prior to any major announcements. This demonstrates that everyone is on the same page and there are no hidden agendas. Sharing information as soon as it is received keeps everyone updated of what is going on within the company, good or bad and reinforces the culture of partnership.

Consistently share information

Understand that information does not always have to go through a manager. The delivery of news, whether good or bad, should be a top priority. Using different tools to keep employees informed works well within an organization or on external company work sites. Newsletters, forums, department meetings and communication boards throughout the organization can be an effective way to keep transparency levels high.

These tips work well in maintaining a transparent environment and with a more transparent environment your employees will be more engaged in the company.