Finding the Right Grant to Scale Your Contracting Company

May 31st, 2014

When you start a business, expanding and scaling your contracting company will always be one of your biggest priorities. As you naturally become more successful, your business will grow as a result. This is true in all types of businesses but especially with regards to contracting companies.

While trying to grow your company, you might begin to realize you have more jobs than employees to effectively and efficiently complete those tasks in a timely manner. But how can you continue to scale your company both financially and structurally? Many people don’t realize that finding the right grant for your contracting company can help you do just that.

The Natural Growth Process

As you begin growing your contracting company, you will soon realize just how important a few key elements really are. Having the right tools available to you, having a strong and reliable team, having a clear understanding of the processes that your contracting company is going through on a daily basis and (most importantly) having a solid business plan can all help you achieve your goals. The same elements will remain important when you begin scaling your contracting company.

Finding the Right Grant

When you begin looking for a grant to help the process of scaling your contracting company, you will likely have to answer a variety of different questions about what it is that you’re doing. By the time you’ve reached the point where scaling becomes a necessity, you will likely have figured out exactly what the specialty of your business is. When starting a contracting company, it’s easy to take a “we do it all” mentality to help attract as much business as possible. When scaling back, you should always know the answer to the question “What do we do better than anything?” The answer to this question will help you stand out from the other contracting companies in your area.

Once you’ve figured out those specialties, you can begin looking for grants that aren’t just for general contracting companies but for those companies with your specialty or long-term goals. Looking for grants with more of a niche aspect will significantly help you weed out dead ends and narrow down the competition to a select field.

Finding the right grant for your contracting company will also involve the process of settling on the size that your company will eventually become. Many grants are often geared towards certain types of businesses, like those with fewer than 20 employees or fewer than 50 employees, for example. Once you’ve made that final decision about size, you’ll be able to locate more grants that you’re qualified for with local banks, lending institutions and even government entities that are specifically designed to help business owners in the United States thrive.

Finding the right grant to help scale your contracting company involves a few key elements. You’ll need to:

  • Determine just how much scaling you need to do.

  • Determine the ultimate specialty of your business.

  • Look for grants that are targeted towards businesses like the one you’re running.

  • Keep your long-term goals in mind.

By sticking to those few key points, you can find the right grant to help make scaling your contracting company as easy as possible.