Introducing Maps

August 1st, 2016

Labor Sync Maps offers real-time mapping of employees, providing unprecedented insight into employee movements and activities throughout the day.

Each and every employee is displayed in Maps in real time, automatically updating with each employee action as they move and work. Employees are searchable and filterable, making it easy to single out an employee, or a group of employees. Just open up Labor Sync Maps, and you’ll always know where all your employees are at a glance.

Labor Sync Maps has a brand new design, which gives it a great look and feel on any device, regardless of size. On top of that, Maps will include support for 65 languages. Whether it’s on a giant screen in the office, or a smartphone in the field, everyone will find Maps easy to use.

From the very start we have strived to make Maps simple to use, yet a powerful tool for managing employees. Maps is both a fully realized feature in our growing set, and also a glimpse into the future of Labor Sync. The advanced design concepts at the heart of Maps are being incorporated into coming updates for our full web application and our mobile application alike. We here at Labor Sync hope our new Maps feature makes it easier and more enjoyable for you to run your business.