Labor Tracking Software

January 5th, 2023

If you’re here, you’re likely either well aware of the growing importance and use of labor tracking in the business landscape, or you’re looking to be convinced.

To read more on the potential savings this can bring to your business, check out our Ultimate Labor Tracking Guide.

But you came here to learn the specifics of labor tracking software, so let’s dive in.

Labor Tracking Software is technology designed to assist the process of labor management.

Effective labor management is one of the most critical elements to running a successful business. And automated workforce management tools can significantly ease this process.

Optimizing your labor management practices allows all of your different employees to function like a single, well-oiled machine.

Mobile labor tracking solutions offer intuitive and efficient experiences within complex workforce environments, simplifying time and labor management while improving the performance and satisfaction of employees and supervisors.

An efficiently functioning labor force is one of the most actionable and effective methods of increasing a company’s profits.

Labor Tracking Software is most often used for time tracking and location tracking of employees during work hours.

Time Tracking

Labor management software used for time tracking is designed to improve the process of clocking in and clocking out for employees. It is sometimes referred to as attendance software.

Time tracking software makes it incredibly easy for your crews to clock in and out, often with a simple click of a button on their personal devices. Laborers no longer have to worry about keeping track of and maintaining paper time cards on potentially messy and disorganized job sites and in vehicles. The software effectively eliminates the need for labor-intensive, mistake-prone data entry and manual tabulation of hours worked.

The technology also greatly improves payroll processes, as payroll departments also do not have to deal with paper timesheets. Employee time is recorded immediately, accurately, and reliably to an easy-to-access, secure, online database. This information can then be easily organized, referred to, and analyzed.

Software with multi-language accessibility can also help laborers who may not speak English more easily complete clock-in and payroll processes. This functionality can be used to overcome language barriers within the workforce.

Location Tracking

Labor management software that includes location tracking utilizes GPS systems to monitor the locations of employees while on the clock.

The most common method of location tracking requires the use of a personal mobile device. The software works with a device’s internal GPS system to track, record and store an employee’s location during the time they are working. Most gps tracking software will provide managers and employers with real-time location data for every currently working employee using the technology.

Location tracking ensures that employees are where they say they are when they’re being paid to perform a service. It can be incredibly useful for employees who must work on and travel between multiple job sites.

Combined Time and Location Tracking

Many labor tracking apps combine both time and location tracking. Combining these two features allows employers and managers to know where an employee is when they clock in or out.

This is most often used to make sure employees are actually at a job site when they are clocking in and out. It can also be used to make sure an employee is at the job site for the entirety of his or her working hours.

Employee Tracking Legality

It is important to note that this software should only be used to track employees while they are on the clock. Tracking employees outside of working hours risks violating federal and state privacy laws.

Employees must be made aware of their being tracked. They must either opt-in or agree to use the software that enables location tracking.

Benefits of Labor Tracking Software

Optimized Workforce Management

Knowing the exact location of every member of your workforce at any given time is an invaluable resource for labor optimization.

Dispatch operators and managers can easily view real-time information on employees’ locations relative to each other and different job sites. Routes taken by employees and equipment can be easily optimized to save money on gas, mileage, and travel time. No-show, sick, or otherwise absent workers can be quickly and efficiently substituted.

Businesses can be more responsive to customer demand as they can focus on efficiency in directing their workforce. This can reduce costs not just for customers but also businesses themselves as workers can spend more of their time on the clock performing the jobs they’re being paid for.

Trustworthy Timekeeping That Reduces Labor Costs

Time theft refers to accepting pay for time worked that was not actually worked. And it is surprisingly more prevalent and damaging to businesses than you might imagine.

If just one hourly employee is misreporting their wages by only ten minutes a day, that can add up to over three hours of overpaid wages a month and almost 40 hours (an entire work week!) of overpaid wages a year - for just one employee!

Improved Employee Productivity

Making sure that your employees are accurately paid for the work they perform ensures that your most reliable and hardest-working employees are incentivized to keep performing.

One of the greatest negative influences on employee productivity is the belief that someone is being paid the same for doing less. Effective labor tracking allows employers to accurately reward employee performance and identify those underperforming.

Knowing who shows up on time and who’s working when and where they should be, allows employers to recognize and reward employees who are meeting and exceeding milestones, goals, and productivity levels.

More Efficient Payroll Processes

The information gathered through these labor management solutions can be easily organized, with custom integrations created to streamline the flow of data between timekeeping, payroll, and HR. Dashboards can be customized to easily access the most important information, all in one place, allowing for an easily accessible analysis of hours worked, absences, overtime, labor expenses, and more with real-time visibility.

Additionally, many solutions offer incredibly simplified compatibility in exporting data to Excel, Quickbooks, or other payroll software.

Simplified Compliance

When utilizing organized labor, employers must comply with government regulations and union policies on a myriad of factors including overtime, rest, safety, leave, attendance, discipline, and termination.

Offering a near completely automated punch-to-paycheck experience, labor tracking solutions reduce the compliance risk of error-prone manual processes of tracking labor by automating work and pay rule governance and reliably tracking all time worked.

Verified, secure, and authoritative data also limits disputes over time worked due to easily accessible timecard audit trails.

Actionable Insights

Perhaps the greatest benefit of these solutions is their ability to provide key information allowing for actionable insights and smart, data-driven decisions that can benefit your business.

The information provided by these solutions can provide invaluable insights into job costs, labor costs, and project tracking while improving production planning and forecasting.

The real-time data provided can allow business owners and executives to more easily forecast demand, optimize schedules, and allocate work based on availability and location. These informed forecasts of labor allow for easily created schedules, more likely to stay within budget.

Having access to reliable data and historical trends makes it easier to arrange adequate staffing levels and avoid costly overtime, quickly and efficiently filling areas of need knowing exactly where and how long different employees have been working. To find the best employee for a shift based on availability, location, and skills possessed.


To maximize productivity and optimize your workforce, you must have as complete an understanding of your labor as possible. Labor tracking software provides this and so much more.

Control your labor costs while decreasing administrative expenses. Automatically measure, analyze, and report on jobs, tasks, projects, and labor performance.

Ensure that your workforce is operating at maximum efficiency with employee tracking solutions.