The Benefits of Tracking Your Time With Your Mobile Phone

January 16th, 2015

As time, project and timesheet tracking grow more complex for expanding companies, managers benefit from adopting new solutions.

Some of the best solutions on the market are mobile-based time apps that allow employees to create updates wirelessly, directly from their phones.

Here are a few examples of how workplaces can benefit.

More Real Time Data

Mobile and phone-based time sheets provide managers with much more real time data, and that lends itself to far more effective decision-making. Managers can see at a glance who is currently on a project, who is available to work, and where projects currently are in real-time, dealing with updates and confirmations if necessary. Timesheets will no longer be lost, and managers can quickly access a history of past updates.

Real time updates also encourage communication and accountability among employees. It allows them to pose questions or requests immediately that they may have otherwise put off because it would be too time-consuming.

Advantages for Off Site Work

Tracking time via phone is particularly effective when dealing with multiple off-site projects. Typically, it is much more difficult for employees to access time sheets when off-site. This is true of salespeople, contractors, and many others who cannot sit down at a desktop whenever they want. But a mobile solution for timesheets solves many of these problems. Employees off-site can update their time and project status whenever they want, making management of multiple projects much easier.

More Flexibility for Alternative Work Arrangements

The traditional workplace continues to adopt more flexible work arrangements, the traditional timesheet software continues to encounter difficulties. It is not always possible or practical for freelancers and temporary contractors to access workplace software to log in their times or projects.

Mobile time tracking solves many of these problems for freelancers and other workers, providing a simple but secure way to update their projects and time no matter where they are working from, giving managers instant results in a way that works for everyone. As more companies begin to adopt BYOD policies for employees both long-distance and in-house, a mobile solution is a more flexible fix: These solutions tend to work on a variety of phones and tablet computers, solving compatibility issues while keeping everyone on the same page.

GPS Stamping

GPS stamping refers to the capabilities of a time tracking app to including location-based services, essentially showing managers where employees are when they make changes to their projects or timesheets. This is beneficial to both sides. First, managers are able to know where employees currently are and which employees are near to job sites in case of any necessary redeployment. Managers also have more data to back up their financing decisions and billing, especially when working with subcontractors.