Time Tracking App: Field Notes and Messaging

October 3rd, 2014

As a contractor or construction manager you can be managing multiple employees who are at various locations.

With employees spread out across the region, it can be hard to keep track of everything that is going on. But, technology has helped us stay better connected with employees at various jobsites.

Cell phones enable us to text and call someone at a moments notice. There are also thousands of apps that can be download to help us become more efficient. One app in particular is Labor Sync’s time tracking app. It has a variety features that allow you to focus more on your work and less on the time it takes to track the hours that you’ve worked.

Messaging and Field Notes

One specific feature that is beneficial to users is the ability to use field notes and messaging. Employees are able to attach notes and read messages received from the Labor Sync system all from within the app.

While working in the field, employees can include notes about a specific job-site. These notes can be used in the office for reporting and billing. For example, if an employee was at a job site and a delay occurred out of the employee’s control, they can add a note into the app that specifically states what happened.

There are no unnecessary phone calls over incorrect hours. Also, employees have the ability to keep their own notes on specific tasks that were completed and any other important information they may want to remember.

Employees can be notified of meetings, schedule changes, or any other information directly through the Labor Sync system. Messages are device agnostic, so they will get the message no matter which device they use.

This feature is just one of the many tools that makes Labor Sync a useful addition to your company improving efficiency and make you and your employees lives easier. Give Labor Sync’s software a try for 14 days risk-free and see how it improves your company.