The Top Benefits of a GPS Tracking App for Business

October 15th, 2022

Implementing a GPS tracking app for your business can be exciting, scary, and even confusing. But beyond this, it can be so incredibly beneficial for your business. GPS tracking empowers you with a whole new level of insights in your business’s operations to change the way that you work.

So what makes a GPS tracking app for business so great?

Improved Employee & Fleet Management

With a GPS tracking app, you’ll be able to track your employees and fleet so you know where your crews and vehicles are at all times throughout the workday. Knowing where your employees are has many benefits of its own, but we’ll dive into those perks as we go.

By having location information for your employees and fleet, you can see which employees have which vehicles on which job sites. You can manage who is working with who on which projects more effectively. And, you can manage mileage and use of your fleet with ease.

Employee Safety

GPS tracking apps also provide a level of employee safety. It’s an unpredictable world that we live in, with every turn holding risk. If your employee breaks down on the side of the road, takes a wrong turn and ends up in the wrong area, or experiences something completely unexpected, you’ll have a location tied to them to find them quickly and get them the support they need.

Another aspect of “safety” includes liability. If one of your customers makes a claim against your business for a wrong-doing of an employee, you can use GPS tracking apps to prove whether or not your employee was on-site and how long they were there.

Reduce Fuel and Mileage Costs

Using a GPS tracking app for business allows you to more effectively monitor mileage and supports efforts in reducing fuel usage. If you have employees who consistently take the scenic route to and from job sites, those miles can add up.

By using this kind of app to track routes traveled and time spent traveling, you can empower your employees to commute to and from job sites more efficiently using the shortest or most fuel-efficient routes.

Increased Employee Productivity

GPS tracking apps also encourage higher rates of employee productivity. Because their location is being monitored, employees are encouraged to be where they should be when they should be there.

This means getting jobs done in the time that they were quoted. It means less dilly-dallying at the truck stop or fast food joint on the way to the job site. It means more productive and efficient employees for your business.

These apps also allow you to identify employees who aren’t as productive as they should be. As you continue to use a GPS tracking app, you’ll have a lasting record of trends and behaviors to help you calculate each employee’s productivity.

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Improved Time Tracking Accuracy

When time tracking with a GPS tracking app like Labor Sync, you’re able to more accurately track your employees hours. Instead of using paper time sheets to clock in and out, or to log time on a specific job site, your tracking app can tie clock-ins and clock-outs to specific locations.

If John is at 123 Main St. from 8:35a until 11:25a, then spends an hour and a half on lunch before commuting across town to another job site for the remainder of the day until he clocks out at 5:00p, you can tie his hours to the jobs he worked and ensure that his hours are clocked correctly. Instead of crediting John for a full eight hour day, you can see that John only worked just shy of seven hours for the day. This use helps reduce time theft and makes your business more profitable in the process.

Employee Accountability

When using a GPS tracking app, employees are held more accountable to be where they should be, when they should be there. They’re more accountable for managing their time and getting jobs completed in a timely manner.

Accountability for your employees means (again) less time theft, more accurate pay stubs, and more efficient business operations.

When your employees know they’re expected to complete a job in 6 hours, having GPS tracking involved encourages them to hit that mark and keep your business profitable.

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Informed Business Decisions

The most powerful perk of a GPS tracking app for business is the ability it provides to make informed business decisions.

With the higher level of insights into the happenings of your employees, you’re able to determine which employees deserve higher raises or leadership opportunities. You’re able to determine which employees perform best on which jobs. Employees who are consistently performing well and working efficiently should be rewarded for their efforts.

You can provide more accurate estimates based off of the accurately tracked GPS information for each historic job site. If you know your crews have taken an average of 4 hours to complete a job, based on historical data, you can quote future jobs of the same scale with confidence. Rather than estimating that it should take them four hours to complete the work, you can reference historic jobs of the same caliber to determine what the appropriate estimate should be.

Overall, GPS tracking apps can make a world of a difference for your business. Especially as time goes on, the adoption of GPS tracking apps for business will only continue to grow. By implementing these processes now, you’ll stay ahead of the curve and keep your business one step ahead of your competition.

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