Ways to Manage Multiple Jobsites at the Same Time

June 18th, 2021

Is your company growing? Are you finding your contract list expanding with multiple projects that require simultaneous on-site management?

This multiple job sites stage of expansion can quickly lead to overworked, exhausted managers and leaders. Beat back the stress and find new ways of managing in your company to deal with the shift toward multiple projects.

Here are several ideas to help you get started.

Invest in Mobile, Syncing Technology

A number of mobile applications make off-site management for multiple projects and multiple locations far, far easier today than it has been in the past. If your company has invested in an enterprise-wide scheduling solution, learn and use it!

If not, consider adopting apps like Evernote and Google Drive, which can sync across multiple devices to keep everyone updated and allow you to manage multiple calendars, spreadsheets, notes and documents. These apps vastly improve accuracy and help you save time every day when used properly.

Tie In Payroll, Timesheet and Other Features

If you adopt mobile technology, tie in additional features to help streamline processes. Payroll and time sheets are obvious choices: Many business management services and website apps can offer these services via the cloud, allowing workers to fill out information while on the job site.

This is particularly useful when tied to an approval process, so you can quickly review the project status and approve the next step when necessary in multiple locations. Of course, these solutions work best when all workers can access the same apps using the same mobile technology, which means it may be time to consider investing in technology.

Create Checklists and Check-ins for Each Project

No matter what system or technology you use for your multiple projects, keep separate checklists and check-ins for each independent project (this works particularly well if you divide projects by folder or heading). This will help match each project to its individual contractual obligations and hold particular teams and employees accountable for their actions. Do not use the same template for every project, or leave all your inputs as one long list of data.

Never Be Afraid to Delegate

Multiple site projects work best with proper delegation. No, you cannot be in every place at once so find skilled supervisors and project managers who can manage the details, and give them the authority necessary to make on-site decisions using the information they have.

Expanding projects to multiple locations requires expanded talent, so you may have to go through a few more hiring rounds to find the right kind of talent for the job.