5 Reasons Your Employees Will Prefer a Time Tracking App

August 25th, 2022

When businesses implement new systems that increase the level of efficiency in processes and accounting functions, employees appreciate the gesture, no matter what type of job site they are on.

Companies in the contracting and labor industries implement time tracking systems to help manage their employees and have an accurate reporting structure in place.

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Here are 5 reasons why employees prefer these systems:

1) Simple Interface

A time tracking solution is very simple to understand and use. Employees just log into the system or use their fingerprint to verify their identity and they are done. Pay stubs and other reports are sent automatically to the employee’s email or can be retrieved from the system to preserve employee privacy and discreetly disseminate information.

2) Time is accurately reported

With a time tracking program, time is accurately reported from the time the employee signs in, to the time they log out. This alleviates inaccurate times on time sheets, makes billable hours easier to isolate, track and invoice, and cuts down on improper reporting by other employees on someone’s behalf. Some employees fear they accidentally track time improperly and a time tracking app built specifically with construction crews in mind will help alleviate that anxiety.

3) All data is easily retrieved on both the employee and administrative side

A time tracking program can generate a series of reports for project managers, clients, employees, regulatory agencies and more with the click of a button. Employees find this solution helpful as it outlines every pay period, what hours were worked, which projects they worked and are currently working on, and the billable hours that are attached to their name. They can print out their information and keep it for their own records.

4) Helps delineate roles

Employees like the fact that a time tracking solution can show who is most proficient at certain jobs, allowing the project manager to redistribute jobs to increase efficiency while being discreet.

5) Can be managed from any job site, anywhere in the world

Employees can be tracked with a time tracking solution on any job site in the world with no worries on whether or not their payroll will be compromised. This helps build confidence in the company and how they do business.

These are just a few key reasons why employees prefer a time tracking app. Everything is automated, discrepancies can be immediately identified and rectified, and they have access to their own information whenever they want to review their records. This empowers the employees, while providing accountability on the administrative side. A time tracking app makes good business sense and is well worth the investment.

Final Thoughts On Construction Site Time Tracking

While every employee might not react positively to changes in how work is done, it is important that companies accurately track labor costs with a system that everyone understands and uses. Time theft takes away an estimated 400 billion from the economy each year and even if time tracking is done thoroughly, there is a good chance that all hours are not being tracked correctly. That is why it is important to use a quality time tracking software that will help streamline processes and reduce labor costs.