How Mobile Technology is Transforming the Construction Industry

March 6, 2015

Some people would say that websites are slowly dying and being replaced by apps. And there is certainly truth to that.

The increasing use of mobile technology has transformed the way we shop, connect to social media, and the way we do business – and that goes for the construction industry as well.

According to Tech Trends, in their article, Mobile Technology Advances in the Construction Industry, “Adopting a mobile strategy can help companies increase job profitability and efficiency with the click of a button.”

What use to take days to do can be done in less than half that time when construction companies switch from primarily using desktop programs to on site mobile technology apps. So how is mobile technology helping to improve job site performance? Here are the top 3.

Mobile apps are making the trailer office set up that much easier

According to Verizon, in their article Small Business Insights: Mobile Technology Becoming a Foundation in the Construction Industry, setting up an office trailer with wire line communication use to take up to six weeks but with the 4G LTE Networks now available, that office can be set up in just a day, significantly saving time and costs.

Tracking time for employees and equipment

One of the biggest costs on any construction job is employee wages and you want to get the numbers right. With a mobile app, the foreman can easily and efficiently track employee hours. This works out much better than relying on traditional paper time cards that can be lost or damaged. Also, by keeping the right hours for each employee, job site managers are better able to keep track of the hours used on equipment.

Tracking a job in real time

No one likes to fall behind schedule and disappoint a client. By using an app that tracks your job performance in real time, the unexpected becomes the expected since job site managers are better able to plan ahead. From ordering more supplies, to getting more workers on the project, tracking projects in real time helps keep the construction industry stay on course.

To help your business grow in this competitive industry, it’s important to keep up with the latest technological advances that will make each project run smoothly without incurring unnecessary costs. By utilizing even just these three revolutionary advances in mobile technology, you’re sure to keep your customers satisfied and your business prospering.