Employees Vs. Timesheets

August 22nd, 2014

As an employee, it can be difficult keeping up with a timesheet, especially if they are not in a centralized place or you are always on the go.

Here are some additional issues that occur when using paper timesheets:

  • They can tear.

  • They can get wet.

  • They can be misplaced.

  • They can be altered.

  • They may not get turned in on time due to the employee working off-site.

The Issue With Timesheets

If there is an issue where the timesheet has to be redone, those companies who collect timesheets, on a two-week basis, will face significant problems if that is the only record. The employee may not remember what hours they worked, and the company may be overcharged, or the employee may be undercharged. Unless the employee is keeping track of their time on a separate device for personal reporting purposes, if this keeps happening it could end up being big loses for the company and the employee.

The inefficiency and burden of timesheets has propelled employers to make significant changes in the way they handle recording time. As more employees work at home or off-site, it is crucial to have protocols in place that will maintain accuracy in time reporting while eliminating the issues that arise from the use of paper timesheets.

Time Tracking Software

Implementing effective time tracking systems can increase productivity, provide accurate records and save money in a number of ways. The cost of paper will be reduced, employee reporting will be improved and payroll processes will become more efficient.

Depending on the specific time tracking program used, employers can monitor an employee in real time, while the employee will have access to their hours and days worked. This also helps provide time to discreetly resolve any payroll or time issues prior to the payroll period being closed. Time tracking systems also provide options for automatic compliance reporting and offers employees the option of receiving their paycheck stub via electronic methods.

Transitioning from paper timesheets to a time tracking system has been well-received from employees who prefer not having to keep track of a piece of paper that may get lost once they turn it in. Using the benefits of technology will help keep productivity and employee morale high.

Gone are the days when payroll is held up due to some employees not turning their timesheets in. Time tracking systems have created a business savvy alternative to payroll and employee tracking. It’s about time.