How to Grow a Roofing Business

April 7th, 2014

If you want to grow a roofing business, you’re going to need to do so in the most efficient way possible. The act of growing a roofing business is something of an art form all unto itself. If you expand too fast, you’ll be utilizing resources (like employees and equipment) that you can’t afford.

If you grow too slow, you’ll be leaving money on the table in the form of jobs that you can’t handle. The process of growing a roofing company will always require you to follow just a few key steps for the best possible results.

Focus on Strengthening Your Team

When it comes to roofing businesses, marketing goes a long way. In the early stages of your business you’ll likely be spending a great deal of money on various types of advertisements in an attempt to spread the word and attract more clients. All of the marketing dollars in the world won’t help you, if you aren’t providing quality services to your clients.

Look at your existing employees and resources and focus not just on your strengths but also on areas that can be improved. If your employees don’t have experience in a specific area of the roofing industry, invest in resources that will allow them to gain more experience.

As the quality of the services that you offer get better, word of mouth will allow you to naturally attract bigger and better clients. As the size of your clients increase, so will the size of your business.

Time and Resources Management

Time management will always be one of the biggest factors you will face when growing a roofing business. If your employees aren’t managing time effectively, they’re ultimately costing you money by way of lost productivity. As your business grows it will be harder to keep track of all these employees, the hours that they have clocked, and what job sites they have worked at.

A time tracking solution can help you efficiently and accurately manage your employees time.

Key Takeaways

Growing a roofing business is always about two key things:

  • Focusing on getting better and doing better quality work

  • Properly managing time and resources

Quality work will always lead to additional work. Properly managing time and resources will allow you to maintain that level of work and increase it over time, thus allowing your roofing business to grow to the levels you’ve always dreamed of.