A Happy Customer Is a Contracting Company’s Most Important Asset

June 27th, 2021

In order to survive setbacks and downturns in business, as well as grow to meet their goals, a contracting company needs to focus on keeping their customers happy.

In fact, many experts in business, advocate a focus on customer satisfaction as a way to protect the most important asset a contracting company has.

This can help ensure the longevity of a contracting company through loyal customers in the highly competitive business world today.

Here is why this holds true.

Happy Customers Tend to be More Loyal

Whether your customers consist of other contractors and subcontractors, or your customer base is primarily the project manager or the homeowner, when they are happy with the services your company provides, they are more likely to show loyalty.

When a future opportunity occurs that requires the services your contracting company provides, a satisfied customer is more likely to refer you for other jobs as well as contacting you for upcoming projects.

Happy Customers Take Fewer Resources When Cultivating Relationships

Keeping your current customers satisfied, and cultivating those existing customer relationships in a positive way, takes up fewer resources when compared to seeking out new customers.

Completing the job by the deadline, for example, is a key element in customer satisfaction. When the inevitable delays do occur, keeping customers in the loop, and the process transparent helps keep everyone on the same page and customers happy.

Happy Customers Refer Other People

For a contracting company, traditional marketing methods, such as cold calling, media ads and the like, are often not the ones that bring in the best results. Instead, many new customers that a contracting company hears from are the direct result of referrals from previous, satisfied customers.

Key Takeaways

  • Cultivate loyalty in your happy customers by providing the promised services and results the first time.

  • Use simple tools, such as GPS-enabled apps, to cut down on your bottom line. They cost less than an increased marketing budget while giving you access to the information you need to give customers real-time updates

  • While ads of various sorts, and other marketing techniques, should not be overlooked, glitzy media campaigns should not stand in the place cultivating customer loyalty.