The Importance of Customer Satisfaction

May 9th, 2014

Customer satisfaction is incredibly important: it builds your reputation, encourages word of mouth advertising and secures you repeat customers.

Increasing your customer satisfaction is generally a product of standing behind your service and delivering it in a timely and effective fashion.

Leads to Repeat Business

Satisfied customers are far more likely to use your company again. Having repeat customers is important because it allows you to retain customers without any additional advertising costs.

The more you can promote your repeat customers, the easier it is to obtain new customers. You can also reach out to previously satisfied customers on a regular basis to ensure they remember you when they have another project available.

Encourages Word-of-Mouth

A satisfied customer is more likely to tell everyone else about their positive experiences.

Satisfied customers will be eager to promote your company to family and friends and will thus do your advertising for you. This is a fantastic way to keep the customers coming in without any investment of time or money. Word-of-mouth advertising isn’t just cost-effective; studies have shown that it’s also more effective because it’s more trustworthy. Many people ask for recommendations when they are looking for a new company to work with.

An Indicator of Quality

If your customers aren’t satisfied, it’s a good indication that something has gone wrong regarding your company.

Unsatisfied customers often mean that you’re not meeting deadlines, aren’t producing quality work or aren’t handling customer service in the right way. If this is true, you may want to make changes to your company as soon as possible to retain the clients that you have and ensure that everything is as it should be.

Asking your customers why they were unsatisfied is a good way to determine if there are any issues.

Increases Efficiency

Apart from promoting your company, customer satisfaction makes your company run smoothly.

With satisfied customers, you don’t need to spend your time fielding complaints or explaining things to upset customers. When customers are satisfied, everything runs as it should.