The Push for Mobile Technology at Jobsites

May 2nd, 2022

When you think about employees and even management using smartphones, tablets and other mobile technology at work, you probably imagine an office environment or conference center on the road. And it goes beyond employee time tracking

While this is a common use of technology in the workplace, these devices can also come in handy in many other areas of commerce and industry—one obvious area is the construction site.

How Mobile Technology Benefits Construction Professionals

There are, of course, a number of different ways, and just as many reasons why smartphones and other mobile devices can be used on the job site. A few of the biggest benefits include:

Labor Tracking On Different Job Sites

Labor tracking has never been easier and can be done right from your employee's smartphones. Properly tracking labor will increase employee productivity, reduce the difficulty of old-style labor tracking, and help your employees to become empowered to properly track their own time.

The ultimate goal of assigning employees to track their own labor is to free your managers and owners time up to work on more important problems. A construction business that fails to delegate work properly is doomed to be weighted down with small issues permanently.

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Staying in Touch With Vendors, Clients, and Workers

A smart foreman or manager will want to be in touch with everyone involved in the project. That way decisions can be made quickly without stopping the workflow and hindering employee productivity.

Easy Photographs From Your Mobile Device

Taking pictures of the process is one way to make sure nothing is missed. A smartphone or small tablet is just as portable as a camera and directly connected to the net. Helping employees be more connected to managers also keeps managers from micromanaging their day-to-day activities.

Subcontractors Can Easily Report Delays or Problems

Anyone who is working on the project will have a direct line of contact with you and other managing partners. Problems will be solved quickly and easily thus improving business outcomes and reducing labor hours and labor costs.

Ordering Supplies

The supplies you need for the job are closer than you may think when you bring technology onboard. Many supply companies offer ways for you to order online, directly from your phone or tablet will decrease job costs and make contacting sales departments much easier.

Use Apps as Tools

There are thousands of apps that a construction worker can utilize to make him more efficient for future jobs. Not only will they make them better at their jobs, but certain apps will make their lives easier and improve business outcomes.

Final Thoughts

While technology on the job site is highly beneficial not only to labor tracking, it must be operated with caution. Not only are these devices fragile and must be handled with care to avoid breakage, but they can also pose a safety hazard when they distract you or your employees from the actual job at hand. Make sure there are rules in place—whether you provide the technology or you have a” bring your own device” initiative. By using a little caution and common sense you can get all of the benefits with none of the concerns.

As smartphones and tablets are almost ubiquitous in the workplace for more than just labor tracking software, they will become essential for those in construction who want to stay up to date and competitive. After all, growing a company and achieving all your goals is much easier when you have the right tools for the job.

Today, these tools include more than just hammers and nails—they include these smart devices too. Open your mind to how they can be used and you’ll quickly realize that mobile technology on the jobsite is more than just useful—it’s the key to growth and customer demand!