Time Tracking App: Batch Entry

September 16th, 2014

As technology continues to advance at such a rapid rate, we will start replacing our old tools with new ones. This is especially true for the workplace.

Technology is making us more efficient and we are starting to use it for everything that we do. Recently the labor industry is one that has seen a major shift in replacing old methods of doing things to newer, more digital methods.

One way that companies are doing this is changing the way their employees track their time. Instead of filling out paper timesheets or making them punch in and out, employees are tracking their time via their mobile device. Now employees can track the time that they have worked right from their pocket.

One major push back on this is that not every employee is going to have a mobile device that supports the ability to track time. Labor Sync has created a way to fix this problem with the batch entry feature.

Batch Entry

An important feature that Labor Sync has incorporated into its software is the batch entry feature. What the batch entry feature does is allows for multiple employees to clock in and out through one device.

You won’t need to purchase or mandate mobile devices for your entire workforce, all of your employees can be tracked using one device. The batch entry system lets you specify which employees’ should have time added or deducted, making all the changes for you.

This feature is just one of the many tools that makes Labor Sync a useful addition to your company improving efficiency and cutting costs. Give Labor Sync’s software a try for 14 days risk-free and see how it improves your company.