What Is Labor Sync?

October 17th, 2014

On the jobsite, in a factory, in an office, or in any other work environment, one of the most important tasks is keeping track of the time employees work each day.

While there are many options for tracking time worked on a job, many of these are either inconvenient for the employees or ineffective for the company. However, Labor Sync is not like the other systems that are out there. Labor Sync is designed to benefit everyone who works with it—allowing employees to keep accurate time to benefit themselves and their employers.

While there are a number of benefits to choosing Labor Sync, some of the most important include:

Labor Sync is 100% Paperless

Dealing with a paper-driven clock-in/out system is difficult and wasteful for both staff and the organization itself. If employees are in charge of their own time slips, they can become lost or destroyed. Even when they are kept onsite, it is easy for them to be misfiled. Additionally, these slips must be replaced time and time again adding to the overall cost of operating the system.

Labor Sync is different. There are no cards, papers or other documents to get lost or damaged. Since all information is stored in the cloud, there is no worry of data loss either. Every action within the Labor Sync system is 100% secure and you can rest assured that every time an employee clocks in or out the information will be recorded properly.

Easy to Use Reporting

Sorting through piles of time clock records is time consuming. Keeping accurate records is nearly impossible. Luckily, the easy to use reporting features of Labor Sync changes all of that. The Labor Sync system keeps track of all the data for a company and produces detailed reports at the touch of a button. These reports are completely customizable and data can be sorted by job, time, employee or a number of other options. This level of customization is impossible to match.

Notation System

Another benefit that makes Labor Sync unique is the integrated messaging and notation system. Employees can provide notes when clocking in or out that can be accessed by management or human resources. Plus, notes can be made directly to Labor Sync too. This simple messaging system can be the key to more accurate time clock management.

Keeping accurate records of time worked is something that is vitally important to both employees and company owners. Instead of taking chances with the old paper timecard system, or a computerized system that is outdated and ineffective, why not try Labor Sync? Switching to Labor Sync could be the productivity and organizational boost your company needs to reach its full potential.