How to Promote the Use of
New Technology Among Employees

November 26th, 2014

You have made the decision to implement new technology and software in your business; however, you still need to find a way to encourage your employees to use it in a non-demanding way.

While simply making the use of new technology a job requirement remains your option, it will deteriorate employee-employer relations, and the quality of your business will suffer.

Follow these simple tips, and your employees won’t even realize that you will be encouraging the use of your new software of technologies.

Promote the Empowering Capabilities of the Technology

When you launch your new software, “show it off” to your employees. Praise how the technology gives users a sense of power and purpose. This form of subliminal messaging will actually motivate your employees to want to use the technology.

Reward Employees Who Use the New Technology

Without mandating all employees use the technology, create a reward system for employees who use the technology. For example, offer extra breaks to employees who submit work through the new technology or software platform. Also, you can create incentives to promote the use of your new software. You might even consider adding extra time to PTO banks for employees who complete a minimal percentage of their workload through the new software.

Create a Visual Tracker of the New Technology

Create a bulletin board that reflects your employees use of the technology. This could be as simple as paper horse meeting business goals throughout the use of the software or as complex as you wish to make it. Track different aspects of your employees’ responsibilities, and place the tracked information on display to encourage employees to use the new technology. Track negative and positive customer feedback, frequency and size of sales of product or services, and expected outcomes of the current financial period.

Enable Employees to Take Greater Responsibility for Their Actions

In close proximity to the “Empowering Employees” category, allow your employees additional access in the new software that was previously unavailable. This could include better tracking of new customer acquisition or the ability to generate new customer leads through the technology.

The previous accessibility of your software or technology will determine what changes you need to make in the new system. New technology and software has the potential to save thousands of dollars and increase the profits of your business, and your employees need to be willing to adjust to the change.

However, some employees will be reluctant to try out your new software, and you need to be aware of how to promote the use of the new technology without sounding like a demanding, disillusioned dictator through these four tricks to implementing new business software of technology.