Project Management Software Is Essential for Construction Managers

May 6th, 2022

For the construction and contracting industries, organization is a key component of a successful business model and your labor tracking software is one of the most important aspects of project management.

Project management software is a crucially important way to streamline business processes in the field and in the office as well, ensuring that your organization is well organized, efficiently structured, and labor costs are reduced.

No matter the size or complexity of your job, project management software is designed to help. At its core, project management tools provide insight that allows managers to make informed decisions, while also providing the flexibility necessary to manage contracting jobs with maximum flexibility.

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An Organized Structure Is Essential for Effective Management

Project management software is designed to help you handle any challenges you might face on the job, giving you job management tools that assist in:

  • Project Scheduling

  • Job Cost Tracking

  • Managing Employee Productivity

  • Keeping Track of Documents

  • Staying on Top of Subcontracting

  • Labor Tracking

Project scheduling helps you understand real-time labor utilization which ultimately creates a path to a successful job before it even begins. Given that you can manage and schedule key resources such as employees, equipment and vendors, job cost tracking ensures that you stay on budget in order to turn a profit and keep labor costs down, the key to any successful business. Change orders, budgets and burdened labor are all expertly navigated with a quality project management software.

You will also be able to keep better tabs on employees while monitoring their efficiency, and you will also be able to easily keep track of documents. While this may sound trivial, RFIs, emails, employee information and master records all take significant time and manpower to organize if you don’t have a project management software.

With project management tools, navigating these documents becomes a breeze. In addition, if you have tricky subcontracting involved with your project, a good project management tool will highlight all subcontracting commitments and activities. This way, you will avoid tricky situations involving over-billing, lien releases or expiring subcontractor licenses.

Contractors Are On the Go, Your Project Management Software Should Be Too

When you are considering project management software for your business, one of the first things you should keep in mind is the mobile functionality of the software. Today, almost everyone on a construction site has a smartphone in hand, thanks to their rising popularity and ease of use. It makes little sense to not take advantage of the convenience smartphones provide, so make sure that your project management and labor tracking software has excellent mobile capabilities to keep up with customer demand.

Being able to access your project management software from a mobile device will save you time and energy, allowing you to organize your business efficiently and productively. As construction managers and contractors, you are always on the move, and a good project management software should be able to travel with you.

Integrate Labor Tracking Software for accurate time tracking, managing employees, and consolidated reporting.

Having a real-time finger on the pulse of your workforce will increase your efficiency and overall project management efforts. Mobile time tracking software accurately monitors the cost of labor that translates into efficiently run projects that are on time, on budget, and profitable.

Save time by eliminating the need for paper time sheets and “go green” through the use of a shared time tracking platform. You’ll be more effective with project scheduling through the analysis of trends a time tracking software can provide.