Why Employees Struggle to Accurately Track Labor Hours

October 20, 2014

No matter what the overreaching goals of your organization, two of the most important overall goals are productivity and accountability.

This is VERY true in labor-related fields like construction and contracting. Your employees and/or subcontractors likely have the same goal as you. They want to get the job done quickly, but they want to track their time worked accurately so you can pay them correctly.

Unfortunately, time tracking can be a difficult task—not only for you, but also for these employees or contractors. Consider these reasons why they may struggle with time tracking.

Paper Time Tracking is Complicated

If you do the smallest thing wrong during a paper time tracking process, it often takes a long time to fix the problem.

It’s Easy to Mess Up

Grab the wrong time card and you have a mess on your hands. This takes time from your employees on the job and time away from you to fix it.

Your Employees Have No Proof

While you would never intentionally leave pay off your employees’ checks, accidents do happen. A time tracking system provides the proof necessary to get things in order.

Employees Want Things to be Easy

What’s easier than working with a simple app? Not dealing with old, outdated punch cards and time slips will make the process simpler for everyone.

Digital Tracking Is Eco Friendly

Instead of wasting resources and money on paper based time tracking systems, a digital solution is an eco friendly approach to tracking time worked.

Employees Want to See Results

Your employees want to be able to look in one central location and check the time they have worked thus far. This is much easier with an app-based system than one involving punch cards.

As you can see, time tracking is something of a concern for your workers as well as you. That is why it is vital to have the right tools for the job.

With an effective time tracking program in place, you will never worry that things are not being tracked as they should. Moreover, your workers can relax with the knowledge that you will pay them accurately for the hours put in on the job. That sounds like a win-win situation for everyone!